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4 DIY Ways to Customize a Clear Phone Case

Written by: Clyde S.



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Blending form and functionality, transparent cases are an excellent way to keep your smartphone safe. For some, the simplicity of a clear phone case is part of its appeal. But for owners looking for something more artistic, a transparent phone case also makes for an excellent base to unleash artistic creativity. With a bit of imagination, a clear case can be utterly transformed into a true work of art. Here are four simple ways to customize a clear phone case right now:


Water marbling is a wonderful and simple technique for transparent case owners looking to customize their product with unique and colorful swirls. To apply a water marbling effect, one must first drip several colors of nail polish into a bowl of warm water. Gently swirl the nail polish colors in the water until a desired pattern is created. Once this pattern is found, gently dip the surface of the clear case into the colored water. Do not fully submerge the case, simply touch the surface to the liquid. This will cause the nail polish pattern to adhere to the plastic casing. Wait for it to dry and suddenly your transparent phone case has a brand new, one-of-a-kind design.


Clear cases are remarkably versatile for customization because allow for smartphone owners to add visual features both to the outside surface or inside the case, sandwiched between the see-through plastic and phone itself. A great way to take advantage of this inside space is to insert photos behind the casing. Portraits of loved ones or celebrities, photos of beautiful places, or even attractive drawings and patterns all make for good insertions.


A more ambitious alternative to decorating the inside of a smartphone case with photos is doing so using pressed flowers. This method involves using the pressure between a smartphone and its transparent case to press real flowers flat. When done correctly with small but interesting flower arrangements, pressed flowers can provide a beautiful and ornate decoration to any clear smartphone case.


Perhaps the simplest way to decorate a smartphone case out there, getting creative with fun and unique stickers is an easy way for anyone, even those lacking in any artistic talent, to still make their case unique.

Owning a transparent smartphone or tablet case is a perfect opportunity to channel your artistic energies and express yourself. If you are interested in owning such a case, don't hesitate to check out our wide assortment of iPhone casesSamsung Galaxy casesiPad cases, and much more!

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