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Entire store 50% OFF with code 50%OFFSHAMOS. Same-Day shipping*. Also Buy 2 get 1 FREE (add 3 to cart)
Is Your Cell Phone Case Blocking Signals and Messing With Reception?

Is Your Cell Phone Case Blocking Signals and Messing With Reception?

Like Smartphone technology, cell phone cases and covers make life easier by protecting our device from accidental damage.

It’s because of cell phone cases that users don’t worry about water / coffee spill damage. They don’t worry about sitting on their device and cracking its screen; or dropping the phone from a considerable height only to pick up the pieces.

Your phone casing is a life saver! But is it impeding reception?

A Blessing or A Curse?

Phone cases typically don’t interfere with phone signal. However, cases with metal or magnetic clips might harm the quality of phone signal.  

What Is The Working Theory Behind This Idea?

Depending on the design of the phone case, any item can potentially mess with reception if the internal cell antenna is blocked by the material.

However, most cases (including leather and plastic) aren’t capable of absorbing any amount of reception. Phone cases featuring metal implements can block or interfere with radio waves, which in turn affects signal quality. Following are additional top 5 reasons why we sometimes don’t receive strong cell signals.  One or two are surprising, to say the least.  

  • Local terrain
  • Distance from cell tower
  • Moving or standing vehicles
  • Vegetation in the area
  • Man-made obstructions
  • Atmospheric conditions

How to Test If Cell Phone Case Is Messing With the Reception?

While a pretty rare occurrence, some phone cases do block signals or affect their quality. Going to another room or even outside, while talking on your phone can improve signal quality.

However, this doesn’t always happen. In this case, you can restart or reboot your phone. 

How to Do This:

Take off the case. Now try your phone in several different situations, constantly checking the quality of phone signals. Make a phone call in all the normal settings you use the phone at, i.e. home and work. Turn your phone off for a few minutes; then turn the device back on.

Received a much improved phone signal? Your case is at fault.

Replace your iPhone with a clear TPU plastic phone case. Looking for a collection? Check out ours!

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printlandokhla - April 25, 2020

The article is very useful for me
Mobile Case Covers

Brittnie Hawk - April 25, 2020

I can say this is true. I bought a $16 heavy-duty case and due to it being made with aluminum it cuts my signal out real bad. I took the case off and my signal comes back with no issue. It did upset me because I paid so much for the case. But now that I know what it does I am just going to stick with the otterbox type cases.

Scott - April 25, 2020

My son got a nice “Metal” case for my i phone. At work only I get no service, I have bad connection to the internet. All my co workers get bad to no reception on their phones . Any suggestions? or ideas?

Vince - April 25, 2020

Yeah love the feel n the heaviness of the Aluminum cases…but if it degredates the signal what good is it…

Sudipta Kumar Roy - April 25, 2020

Thanks. I got worried as my new Samsung M20 was not catching signal inside the brand new case. I removes and tried many places. Then I cam across your website. Now it is clear.

marvin wells - April 25, 2020

brilliant …. spigen case with metal surround has been causing all the problems. . mobile signal has dramatically improved. thank you!

Graham Campbell - April 25, 2020

I’ve heard of people smoking & living till they were 90 & died of something not smoking related but is it ok to smoke ?

I bought a magnetic phone cover a week ago & after that my phone (i6) was reluctant to receive calls & calls I finally made would drop out .. internet was unusable & I noticed blue tooth was weaker than usual .

Magnetics can also put blue lines in your phones screen which would be annoying.

The minute I removed my phone from magnetic case all the problems have gone away .. good luck to people who think magnetic phone cases can’t affect your phone .. maybe they can smoke till 90 too

Tanya - April 25, 2020

This is very true. And anti emf radiation cases that say you should use them to block radiation make things worse in this way. You can’t block radiation without blocking the entire phone signal. Good Post.

LaVonne - April 25, 2020

Yes, thank you. Had bad speakerphone problems— echoing on both my end and the other person’s end. They often sounded muffled and echoed while on soeakerphone, but I could not hear them otherwise. Took off the hard plastic shell and it WAY BETTER. Reception the same, but echoing gone as soon as I took the case off. Thank you!!

Very Rare - January 14, 2019

This is so truee.It happened to me too.I realized that ny WiFi signal is getting really bad and it was ok before.I read somewhere that I should try to fix that problem by removing my metal phone case.It really worked…

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